May 20, 2010

Daily Uniform: White pants and an appreciation of spandex.

J.crew oxford - OC white pants - Uniqlo socks - UO boat shoes

I've been in need of a pair of white jeans or chinos for a while now, and my visit to the Opening Ceremony Sample Sale allowed me to purchase a pair at a price of my likings. I got a pair of opening ceremony brand white pants which retail for around $300 for $15 flat. Due to the price, and the nature of this type of event (crowded, disorganized, and limited sizing) I grabbed the first pair that I thought might remotely fit me, this turned out to be an XS. Now if you know anything about OC, you know that an XS is seriously extra small. Luckily these pants are 3% spandex, so I thought I might be able to stretch them out a little so they aren't "hipster skinny". They are bigger than they were when I first tried them on, but I'm hoping I can get them a little bigger. Oh, and to those who might find the socks goofy or out of place, what's the point in dressing if you can't have a little fun every once in a while.

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