January 16, 2011

Blues, part 1 - Alan Paine for the Crimson Shop sweater

I've been really into the color blue lately; almost everything I've purchased for myself in the past few months has been some shade of blue or other. I figured I should do a series of some of the best blue things I've gotten recently. To start it off, here's something not quite new - it belonged to my dad, but he never wears it anymore, so now it's mine. It's an Alain Paine for the Crimson Shop navy blue Shetland sweater.

My dad doesn't remember when he bought this. The Crimson Shop no longer exists - it was once a store in Cambridge that catered to Harvard men. I think it closed in the mid eighties. The sweater had a somewhat large hole in the right elbow when my dad gave it to me, so I patched it with some very strangely-shaped elbow patches. They looked fine in the package, but they turned out to be square.

Not sure I'm a fan of the odd shape, but they look interesting enough. I wear this sweater almost constantly, as it's very warm and versatile. It's held up extremely well for its long years.

- J.A.

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