January 3, 2011

Mark McNairy Suede Chukka Boots

These are probably the nicest shoe's I've ever boughten, or at least as far as retail price goes. As soon as I took them out of the box I could feel why they are priced so high. The materials and construction as of the utmost quality. Even the fit is perfect, the shoe fits perfectly around my foot and ankle.


  1. Anonymous1/22/2011

    What are they?

  2. "Mark McNairy Suede Chukka Boots"

  3. Anonymous3/16/2011

    Hi, they are fantastic!
    Exactly what I am looking for.
    I did non want to buy the Dirty Bucks because, even in Spring/Summer I like to wear desert boots. Those are perfect they a preppy enough...
    May I ask you where you bought them? I live in Italy but I hope I could have them shipped.
    Are those shoes true size or fit a bit on the bigger side?
    Many Thanks,

  4. I bought them at End Clothing, but they are no longer available. They were FW10.