May 21, 2011

Mark McNairy for Inventory Items 003

These are from 2009, they were a limited run Mark McNairy did for Inventory's Stockroom. Basically one of my favorite shoes ever and I'm very excited I was able to finally find a new pair so long after they were originally available. Here are a few shots, I did my best to get the colors right, but the blue is a very deep shade and was hard to get.


  1. Anonymous5/21/2011

    I can't believe you found those. Haha I've been looking for a pair for a long while. What size are you?

  2. Brand new too, I was pumped. I'm usually a 9.5/9. More towards the 9.5 though.These are an 8.5. I have another pair of McNairys that are a 9, they have some room so I was hoping these would not be too small. They definitely are snug, but I think they're going to work out in the end.